Run a Node and Receive Daily Rewards!

How does it work?

1) Support the CRYT network and get rewarded every day.
2) Receive 100 CRYT every day that your Peer is active, and 1 additional CRYT for every day that the node remains online. (ex: node active for 30 days, Daily reward 100 + 30 CRYT)
3) Start a node:
1- Go HERE and follow the instructions of your platform.
4) Send the form below indicating the IP address of the node and your CRYT wallet where you want to receive the reward.
5) Keep the node active and receive CRYT every day.

Your Node IP: Your CRYT Address:

Node Reward Details

Current Node Reward informations

Node Address Day Online CRYT Address Status Total Reward Earned Last TxID

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