Use this procedure to generate a new wallet and activate it directly.
This system generates a new portfolio, then makes an incoming and an outgoing transaction automatically,
so your new portfolio will be fully active and in the Blockchain.

1. This Start the Procedure for Generate and Activate your new Wallet.
2. Click Generate to Create your new Wallet Address and Passphrase.
Remember, passphrase is the only you need to keep safe for accessing your wallet, loosing it, you loose access to wallet and lost all funds on it.
3. SAVE Passphrase and Click Activate to Start the Activation Process.
This process take around 45 seconds! Do not close page, do not refresh and wait the Green Popup!

Your Secret Passphrase:

Your New CRYT Address:


Type-> 6541

4. Share the CRYT Blockchain to all your Friends. Thank You


Source Code, Official Releases, Promotional Items.

Web Wallet

CRYT-Blockchain available from any Browser and Device.

White Paper

Covers the expected development and use of the CRYT Blockchain.


CRYT is a Proof-of-Stake Blockchain based on Java. The built-in core functions are as follows:



Build the Exchange,
Launched the CRYT Project

2018 August 15th

15.000 USERS REGISTERED reach 15.000 Registered Users.

2019 January 5th


The Release of our long-awaited Coin.

Blockchain Live

2019 July 19th

CRYT Services

Launch of CRYT Explorer, CRYT Faucet, CRYT Games.

2019 July 25th

Android Wallet

Dev Release a Wallet on Android Google Play Store.

Download CRYT Mobile Wallet

2019 August 6th

Paper Wallet

Dev Release Paper Wallet Generator/Printer for easy and secure store your Passphrase.

Paper Wallet Generator

2019 August 6th

Assets Decentralized Exchange

You can Trade all Assets on this Website in DEX page, without load the CRYT Blockchain software.

Assets DEX

2019 August 20th

Version 1.20.00 Released

Dev Release Blockchain Upgrade, Send Money Fees Lowered 100 Times, from 1 CRYT to 0.01 CRYT.

Update Your Node

2019 August 22th

CRYT Merchants Point of Sales

Easy to use POS for Local Merchants to accept CRYT Payments

Merchants POS

2019 September 12th


CRYT Available on HEBE Android, IOS Mobile Multi-Coin Wallet

HEBE Wallet Website

2019 September 28 CRYT Listing

CRYT Listed on Exchange! Top 30 Exchange on COinMarketCap by Volume!


2019 October 2

Group Chat

CRYT Community Group Chat

CRYT Messenger
Live Group Chat powered by CRYT Blockchain, also Developers Chat Here! Include 1 CRYT Tip with 1 Click.

CRYT Group Chat

2019 November 21th

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