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Rules/How to Play:
1: Predict the Bitcoin value will go UP or DOWN.
2: Round every 1 minute.
3: Data from price charts.

Place your Bet amount
on Bear or Bull Price Prediction.

WIN: Your Bet x 1.4 | LOSE: Your Bet

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BTC BTC/USD Price go UP or go DOWN? Place your Prediction!


Place Your Bet: (1-100 CRYT)


Place Your Bet: (1-100 CRYT)

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The price during the bet can vary, because it is taken from the live price at the moment.
It is advisable not to place bets less than 5 seconds from the end and wait another 5 seconds after the new round.

If Bet Price is identical to Round Price, your Bet is moved to Next Round.
Is also possible some difference on round process but all is automated and fair.


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