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This page contains the services and exchanges where you can buy and sell CRYT.

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CRYT ON TRON Blockchain


CryTrExCoin on TRON Blockchain

You can Trade CRYT on TRON DEX Exchanges and Change it to Main Blockchain in Fully Automated Way. Here is direct link to Buy and Sell CRYT available on TRON Blockchain, MAX Supply on TRON Blockchain is 126.500.000,00. Fully Backed on MainNet.
Exchange CRYT (TRX) to MainNet will be available HERE using the deposit feature on DEX. Is only possible to change TRON CRYT to MainNet, not MainNet to TRON CRYT.
CRYT TRC10 ID: 1002043



Top 30 CoinmarketCap Exchange by Volume, First Exchange List CRYT.

DEX on CRYT Blockchain

Assets DEX

Blockchain Software

You can buy and sell CRYT directly from the exchange in the blockchain, or in the DEX on this website.
both in the assets page and in the monetary system.

* Attention, check the assets you intend to buy and sell before doing any transaction, or check which ones are on the Stats page or on the deposit page of this website.


COINPAYMENTS.NET Wallet Service service is a payment gateway since 2013, some features and is a good start to learn crypto.

HEBE Mobile Wallet

HEBE Mobile Wallet Website

Android, IOS and Web Mobile Wallet support Multi-Coin and CRYT



CRYT Social Marketing is a service for increase your website/business interation with your visitors/members with some easy to install Tools,
first accepting CRYT Payments with CRYT Pay.

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