CRYT-id Login System


What is CRYT-id?

Each website always requires or in most cases an email address and a password, CRYT-id uses a 160-character Token which is generated by the Blockchain and is unique. What does that mean?
The Blockchain sends back a token calculated by the website or an equal string for everyone and the passphrase of your CRYT account, or any phrase of your choice.
The blockchain sends a response with several parameters, including the timestamp of when the token was created.
This means that even if some attacker would be able to find, the website address and the passphrase used to generate the token, will never be able to find the one originally created because it will have a different timestamp.

Calculating then that the token is 160 characters we can say that the login system is 100% secure

We can say that CRYT-id is the safest system for authenticating users on each website, where the user will only have to save the generated token and use it for logging in on that website.

How does it work?

CRYT-id works in 3 parts
1) Associate an existing profile by generating a Token.
(in this case, each website can integrate CRYT-id without upsetting the user list)

2) Create a profile.
(generating the Token and associating it directly with the new user)

3) Login system.
(insert the token in the login and access the website safely)

Who is it for?

For all websites, advanced or not, which have a reserved area for their users, and require maximum security to access, without being compromised by hackers or various login attempts, perhaps with data taken from other websites.
Each token is unique for each different site, since one of the parameters is precisely entering the domain of the website, this is done by the site's webmaster.

How much money does it cost?

How much does CRYT-id cost?

Nothing, it's Totally Free.

The blockchain request is requested through the Peer on the device where your site runs, or to the Official Software protected by SSL

It does not require any transaction or request costs, as no transactions are made but only an API request to the blockchain.

Where can I start?

This process is totally open source, and you can find more technical details on GitHub

In the official repository, find the various examples and possible configurations to integrate CRYT-id immediately and with minimal effort.

The level of integration for those in the sector is easy, and we are working to make it even easier and more accessible for everyone.

The differences with similar systems?

No installation of software or various tools is required, the only thing you need is the token that the site associates with your profile.
nothing else!

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